Christopher Moxley

Christopher Moxley is superbly versed in biomechanics and the physiological effects of nutrition and true and proper movement on the human body. After studying movement of the body formally through school and practically through application, Christopher was initially surprised at the effectiveness Contrology has upon strengthening the body, mind, and spirit.

Education is Paramount
From his youth, Christopher played soccer, basketball, and track and field. His event in track and field was the high jump which gave Christopher a very early introduction to pelvic floor stability and true core control. In high school, Christopher was responsible for organizing exercises for team warm-ups and learned about stretching for flexibility to enhance athletic performance. After high school, Christopher entered the Marine Corps where he wrote exercise programs for corporate physical training and personally trained fellow marines one on one. Upon finishing his contract with the Marine Corps, Christopher began his formal studies of biomechanics.

Christopher founded Pure Energy Health & Wellness while completing his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. After receiving his degree in Kinesiology with concentrated studies in Nutritional Sciences, Christopher continued to offer biomechanical sound training specifically in the movements of swimming, skim boarding, biking, running, and weight training. During the 5 years after completing college, Christopher continued his education in advanced core stability training.

The Joseph Pilates Method
After experiencing a back injury in 2007, Christopher was introduced to Contrology, more commonly known as The Joseph Pilates Method. Christopher completed over 1,300 hours of practical application before he began teaching Pilates both in JL Body Conditioning and with private clients.  Pilates gave Christopher a venue to apply his already rich understanding of how to strengthen the body through proper biomechanics.

Christopher completed Joseph's L Body Conditioning, Inc. Pilates Full Apparatus Certification Course with master PMA trainer, Julian Littleford. Christopher was then able to rehabilitate himself using the singular method of Pilates. Today Christopher continues to use The Pilates Method to keep his body in a balanced state of strength and to help his clients reach their personal health and wellness goals.

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Tips from Christopher

Body Detoxification
To easily detoxify the body, drink 1-2 liters of water when you awake in the morning before consuming any other foods or drinks.