Pilates Fitness Club USA

We invite all who are interested in improving their fitness level, losing body fat, changing their physique, increasing strength, preventing physical injury, continuing post-rehabilitation, gaining energy, perfecting posture, or simply breathing properly to come experience a Pilates class of contrology in our studio. Whether you are interested in a Private Pilates Class, completely individualized attention, or a Duet Pilates Class, shared with a family member or close friend, or a group Pilates Reformer and ˝ Cadillac class, accommodating up to a dozen students per class, we are here to serve you.

Pilates Fitness Club recently relocated from the west coast of Southern California to the east coast of Virginia, where we are proud to call home. For over four decades combined, we have been educating clients about proper biomechanics of human anatomy through physical movement and also healthy eating of food. In San Diego, we had the privilege of working with a variety of individuals from all backgrounds that ranged from professional athletes, celebrities, CEOs, teachers, medical professionals, and mothers. Our excitement exists in the possibility of bringing health and wellness through proper kinesiology, the mechanics of body movement, in the form of Pilates to our Oceanfront community and neighboring areas of Virginia Beach.

We pride ourselves on quality Pilates Programs with state of the art equipment at affordable costs. In Pilates Fitness Club, we feature Stott’s V2Max Plus which combines ˝ of the Cadillac with the Reformer for our group classes. This equipment allows for endless creations of safe, effective, and powerful exercises. For those interested in our Private or Duet Pilates Classes we offer a full line of apparatus combining Peak, Stott, and Gratz equipment which consists of the Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Hi/Lo Chair, Ladder Barrel, Ped-O-Pull, and Spine Corrector. In addition, we have an exact replica of Joseph Pilates’s original Arm Chair.

Our mission is to bring health & wellness to our entire community through quality Pilates exercise programs and the education of food for healthy living in a fun environment. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you!

Pilates Fitness Club USA started 17 years ago as a complete mind and body training experience. When Christopher lived in Los Angeles, he realized one of his life’s missions. As he observed people consuming designer supplements and abusing their bodies at the gym, he began to educate people about Pure Energy (proper nutrition and proper exercise) to create pure health for pure wellness and Pure Energy Health & Wellness was born.

We specialize in the Joseph Pilates method of Contrology and special care is paid to true and proper biomechanics. We offer private, semi-private, duet, reformer and corporate training all focused on the following:

  • sport specific training
  • injury prevention
  • post rehabilitation
  • improve flexibility and gain strength
  • leaner body mass or weight loss
  • improve posture
  • increase balance
  • accelerated training for elite athletics

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About Our Logo

An upright 3-sided figure fully formed and continuous in its extremities intersects an inverted 3-sided figure in the process of transformation at its core. These unified figures, based on the trefoil knot (the simplest of its kind in nature) form a six-sided whole, merging the instructor with the student into one. Bounded by the hexagonal fitness studio, the unified couple relate in dynamic tension, utilizing the principles of “contrology” (pilates) to define their interaction. Pilates, a system of movement based upon precise coordination, is akin to the Japanese art of swordsmanship practiced as Kendo. Inspired by the wooden sword used for these exercises, a unique font was developed for the signage.

“If you know the Way widely, you will find the Way within everything. Each man must pursue his particular Way.”

- Miyamoto Mushashi, master swordsman, describing Ni To Ichi Ryu