Joseph Pilates

The History of Pilates
Joseph Pilates, born and raised in Germany was the son of a gymnast and a naturopath. He spent much of his early childhood years in illness. His determination for health and wellness led him to the creation of Contrology, more commonly known today as Pilates.  His method was derived from his life experiences; some of which are the study of animal biomechanics, his own performance of athletic movements (one being the sport boxing), and his creation of the equipment known today as the reformer. 

After his time in WWI, he decided to travel to America.  On his journeys to the USA, he met Clara, who would be his future wife. During their voyage, he used his method of Contrology to alleviate Clara’s illness.  Together, they opened their first studio in New York and the Pilates method became famous amongst the New York dancers.

Living into his eighties, Joe Pilates was survived by his wife, Clara, and his devoted students, both of whom continued on his life’s work.  Joseph H. Pilates's extraordinary gift to the world is one of pure energy, pure health, and pure wellness.

What is Contrology?
Contrology is the use of the mind to control the muscles. It focuses attention on core postural muscles that help keep the human body balanced and provide support for the spine.  Pilates exercises teach awareness of the breath and alignment of the spine, and strengthen the abdominal and torso muscles.

For more detailed information, please read "Return to Life Through Contrology and Your Health", written by Joseph Pilates.

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